About Stop Hurting Start Healing

The Stop Hurting Start Healing program is an intensive prayer and counseling ministry that helps people break free from past trauma, difficult emotional issues and equips them to lead healthy lives. It is an effective, faith-based program founded on spiritual principles. Developed over 30 years ago by Pastor Gaspar & Michele Anastasi, Stop Hurting Start Healing has helped hundreds of people from different walks of life to find freedom from—sometimes crippling—emotional issues and past hurts and go on to live successful, productive lives.

Stop Hurting Start Healing flows along two very powerful streams. One is Prayer Ministry and the other is Life Coaching. When you come to SHSH and sit down with one of our certified counselors, it will be decided which stream best answers your particular situation.

Prayer Ministry

The Prayer Ministry stream of the Stop Hurting Start Healing program provides intensive inner healing and incorporates 22-25 hours of intensive prayer, broken up into digestible one to one-and-a-half hour increments. This stream is recommended to anyone with past emotional trauma that affects their life presently.

Life Coaching

The Life Coaching stream of Stop Hurting Start Healing involves sitting down one-on-one with a trained and certified coach who will walk you through the growth process necessary for success in every area of your life. You choose how much or how little coaching you desire and in what areas.

Can SHSH help you?

Stop Hurting Start Healing is recommended for people who deal with issues such as:

• Depression & emotional hurts

• Divorce

• Marital, Family or relationship problems

• A history of broken families

• Grief, loss and disappointment

• Destructive life-style patterns and addictions

• Career challenges

• Poor health and nutritional choices

• Bad money management

• Ministry challenges

• Faith and spiritual crises

Most of us have used the same solutions to solve the same problems, but find we can never overcome. That’s because, if nothing changes… nothing changes!

What makes SHSH so effective?

As humans, made in God’s image and likeness, we are a spirit, have a soul and live in a body, and each of these three aspects affects the other. Although one area may need more focus, the other two can’t be ignored.

The SHSH program recognizes this and endeavors to bring wholeness to the complete person.

Insights gained by decades of counseling the hurting and ministering to a large church congregation, helped lay the foundation for the current SHSH Ministry. Over 32 years ago, Pastor Gaspar and Michele Anastasi founded the New Life Dream Center. The high success rate of this faith-based residential addiction program is a result of the Stop Hurting Start Healing program’s ability to bring deep inner healing.

Along with our SHSH Prayer Ministry, we also offer the choice of Life Coaching to help bring that “change” you have been seeking. Your coach will walk you through the growth process that leads you on the road to success.

What is Life Coaching?

Life can be difficult, especially if we try to deal with issues alone. The Life Coach helps to bring the “change” you seek as they walk with you through the growth process that leads to healing and wholeness.

Who are the Prayer Ministers and Coaches?

All the coaches and ministers are seasoned and have been trained/certified by Stop Hurting Start Healing. Many also have degrees in their specific area of expertise and/or a professional license. They have years of experience and have God-given gifts of wisdom, compassion and healing. Their desire is to see you fulfill the destiny God has for you.

What should you expect?

• To begin this intensive prayer ministry, you will need to fill out the detailed application on this website and send it back to us along with a $75 non-refundable deposit (to cover the cost of processing your application). You will then be contacted to set up your first appointment.

• At your first visit, you will meet with the Certified Prayer Minister to review your application. He or she will interview you, explain the program in detail and determine which stream of our program—Prayer Ministry or Life Coaching—will best suit your situation.

• At your next visit, you will receive prayer and, if you are in the Prayer Ministry stream, you will be given the plan and schedule that has been custom tailored to address your specific needs.


The following pertains to those in the Prayer Ministry stream ONLY.

• You will receive a sequence of 4 to 6 one-and-a-half hour prayer sessions, uniquely designed for you.

• You will also be given audio teachings, scripture memory verses and study materials—again based on identified areas of inner wounds. There will be a re-evaluation appointment at the end to assess the effectiveness of the healing process.

• You will receive a total of 22-25 hours of individual ministry, including evaluation, preparation and personal one-on-one prayer with trained, certified ministers.