Deep healing from above

I was a victim of childhood sexual abuse from the age of 6 to 13. And I grew up with a lot of hurt and anger, feeling rejected… unforgiveness toward myself and my mother. I looked for love in the arms of a man, in things and people and worldliness.… and eventually substances.

But, even in the midst of the madness and the bondage, I knew that God had His hand on me. And the Holy Spirit intricately orchestrated events that led me to Word Of Life Ministries and the Stop Hurting Start Healing Program.…

And through the prayer and counseling, I encountered the love of God. I experienced healing through the Father’s love, that deep inner healing that only comes from above and it filled the void I had been looking to fill all those years. I no longer look for love in people. I have established a relationship with my Daddy God that is intimate. I learned that I am a chosen vessel that He has put His signature on… through which other’s lives will be changed. I am now a new creation in Christ. — Yolanda D.