How prayer broke the curse

I suffered from a lack of identity. My father, I never knew. I made a lot of judgments toward my father. I would say to myself, How could anyone leave their kids and not want anything to do with [them]? But I ended up being that same guy.

Through Stop Hurting Start Healing, I began to understand that, because of those judgments I passed on my father, I became just like him. And prayer broke those things in my life. I  no longer had to identify myself with and be the guy that my father was. I no longer had to identify myself with drugs and that crowd. I no longer had to reap those curses in my life.

As a result, now I see my kids flourishing. They’re living in a way that’s so contrary to the way I grew up. Where I wanted to sell drugs and be this big gangster, my son wants to be a pastor. — James T.